Star Care Maintenance Plan   

(for vehicles above 4 years)

Enjoy The Reassurance & Instinctive Ease With Us Even After Your Warranty Coverage

There are many things you can do to help maintain your vehicle value and keep your Mercedes-Benz a true Mercedes-Benz.

Even after your warranty coverage has ended, it is still essential to bring your Mercedes-Benz to an authorized Mercedes-Benz Service Centre to ensure that professional quality maintenance work is put into your car, making it more cost effective over the long run.

Furthermore, at authorized Mercedes-Benz Service Centre, we keep all your service records. Together with the latest technical updates received regularly from Daimler AG, Germany, our service team are therefore better informed and able to advise you on the servicing of your car requirements.

No one knows your Mercedes-Benz better than people who designed and built the car. Entrust the care of your Mercedes-Benz to our trained technical specialists who know it through and through.

Take Advantage of Star Care Maintenance Plan Today To Save More!

The Star Care Maintenance Plan gives you the chance to purchase the needed maintenance services of your vehicle, over the chosen duration and mileage, at a convenient price. It covers the cost of labor & parts needed for the scheduled maintenance operations.

Besides receiving a clearly defined service with transparent costs, the Star Care Maintenance Plan also protects you against potential parts and service costs increase in the future.

What's more! You can also enjoy 10% saving on all additional repairs during the Star Care Maintenance Plan coverage period.

By purchasing the Star Care Maintenance Plan, you will save up to 15% on your maintenance cost.
What’s more! You can also enjoy 10% saving on all additional repairs during the Star Car Maintenance Plan coverage period.

Our Star Care Maintenance Plan offers 12-month & 24-month maintenance package for you to choose from. It covers up to 24,000 KM per year.

You will always know what the bottom line of your vehicle maintenance cost over the next years. 

Fixed Cost
You don’t have to worry about the impact of inflation on your maintenance costs over the next years

Increased Vehicle Resale Value
When you decide to sell your Mercedes-Benz, the Star Care Maintenance Plan will help you get a better price for it:
•  Service history and complete maintenance are guaranteed by Mercedes-Benz for the next owner.
•  Included services were performed according to factory guidelines by Mercedes-Benz qualified technical specialists.
•  Only Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts are used.

The Star Care Maintenance Plan covers all scope of works according to Mercedes-Benz manufacturer’s guidelines:

Scope of WorkService AService B
Change engine oil
Replacement of oil filter & combi filter
Top up washer fluid & washer fluid additive
Reset service indicator & maintenance counter
Check all lights (including warning lights)
All fluid level inspection
Check horn operation system
Inspect heating & cooling system
Check braking system (including brake fluid & brake pad)
Check windshield wipers & windshield washer system
Check steering components
Inspect suspension system
Under the hoods inspection
Washer jets inspection
Headlamp setting & cleaning system inspection
Tires Inspection (including spare tires)
Check safety catch & hinges on hood
Check main & starter batteries
Interior & exterior illuminations check
Clean water cowling to ensure proper drainage
Inspect hoses
Check fuel tank supports & vapor vent system
Check fuel lines & connectors
Check Poly V belt
Check engine air filter
Visual check for leaks on major components
Check seat belts and anchor system
Check driveline components
Check tire sealant
Bodywork for corrosion
Active Body Control (if applicable)

* Scope of work may vary for different vehicle models & variance.

^ Should there be any additional repair / parts needed based on the inspection results listed above, the cost will be charged separately.