Go further with even more confidence. Enjoy the reassurance of a package that gives you the best monetary advantage of Agility Financing, the best protection with Comprehensive Motor Insurance and the added security of Tyre and Rim Insurance.

This combination ensures that you get an all-rounded solution that will cover most eventualities. Best of all, getting it from Mercedes-Benz simply mean that you'll avoid the hassle of complicated claims and the assurance of quality that's synonymous with your car.

Agility Financing 
  • Lower monthly instalments
  • Flexible end of agreement options; Settle, Extend or Return
  • Future value of your car guaranteed by Mercedes-Benz
  • MobilityPlus (replacement car)
Comprehensive Motor Insurance
  • Agreed Value Scheme
  • One-for-One Vehicle Replacement
  • Immediate Policy Issuance
  • Fast Claims Approval
  • Waiver of Betterment Charges
  • Use of Genuine Spare Parts
  • Cashless Windscreen Claims
  • Towing Services
  • No excess for cars up to 10 years old
  • Premium loading is waived for cars up to 10 years old
Tyre and Rim Insurance
  • Replace up to 4 tyres and rims in a year due to bulges, punctures, bursts or cuts (for tyres) and due to accidental means (for rims)
  • Enjoy original Mercedes-Benz rims and replacement of original tyres, both authorized workshops/dealers