Even if you choose to insure your Mercedes-Benz separately, you can still take advantage of a package with the benefits of Agility Financing, with the added protection of Return To Invoice alongside our Tyre and Rim Insurance.

While Agility Financing gives you certainty of value in the future, ReturnTo Invoice Insurance and Tyre and Rim Insurance takes care of other uncertainties, such as total loss, theft and even the unfortunate event of rim and tyre damage from curbs and more.

Agility Financing 
  • Lower monthly instalments
  • Flexible end of agreement options; Settle, Extend or Return
  • Future value of your car guaranteed by Mercedes-Benz
  • MobilityPlus (replacement car)
Return To Invoice Insurance
  • Pays the difference between the invoice value and amount paid by the Comprehensive Motor Insurance
  • Covers the risk of total car loss, including car damage, theft and fire
  • Customers will have the same amount of money to spend on a replacement car as the original sum spent
Tyre and Rim Insurance
  • Replace up to 4 tyres and rims in a year due to bulges, punctures, bursts or cuts (for tyres) and due to accidental means (for rims)
  • Enjoy original Mercedes-Benz rims and replacement of original tyres, both authorized workshops/dealers