Hire Purchase Balloon

What to expect

Hire Purchase Balloon is a versatile financing option to maintain lower monthly instalments and be flexible in your repayment methods at the end of the agreement. You will pay equal monthly instalments and a pre-determined Balloon (Lump sum) at the end of the agreement.

  • Cash flow flexibility
  • Option to pay off the Balloon amount and own the vehicle or refinance the Balloon amount
  • MobilityPlus (replacement car)
Your Benefits
  • Lower monthly instalments with a pre-agreed final payment
  • Fixed monthly instalments
  • Flexibility end of the agreement choices
  • Guaranteed replacement car should your Mercedes-Benz needs more than 48 hours to be serviced/ warranty claim jobs in our authorized service center

Sample Calculation

C200 AMG Line
Car Price (RM)240,501
Downpayment (RM)24,050
Finance Amount (RM)216,450
Balloon Payment (RM)56,000.00
Instalment Per Month (RM)3,590

The above calculation is based on 60 months tenure with 10% down payment. Details may change without prior notice.