A guaranteed Mercedes-Benz replacement car programme.

MobilityPlus ensures your daily routine is not interrupted when your Mercedes-Benz is sent for service and maintenance or warranty claims, for more than 48 hours.

Introduction of MobilityPlus.

The MobilityPlus programme is the first-of-its-kind in Malaysia’s auto financing industry that allows you to enjoy greater convenience and ensuring continued mobility for all our customers.

This programme is designed with a clear focus on customer centricity as we continuously aim to go beyond and provide you with uparalleled best customer experience through value added services.

MobilityPlus allows you to enjoy a replacement car when your Mercedes-Benz is sent for routine servicing (including warranty claims) that require 48 hours or more.

The five values.

Value 1


Value 2


Value 3


Value 4


Value 5


Available across all our products.

The MobilityPlus comes as a standard feature in all of our finance and lease plans.

Covers up to 4 years.

Enjoy MobilityPlus up to 4 years during the ownership of your Mercedes-Benz.

The first 2 years

MobilityPlus is an additional feature to your finance products for the first 2 years of your ownership.

  • AgilityFinancing
  • FinanceCare
  • Young Star Agility

Up to 4 years

As for lease plans, MobilityPlus is available throughout your lease tenure (up to 4 years).

  • Lease@Ease
  • Lease&Go