Hybrid Battery Extended Warranty Programme

E300 BlueTec Hybrid & S400 Hybrid

Scope of Extended Warranty

The extended warranty is limited only for the repair or replacement of the hybrid battery in the Vehicle only.

Duration of Extended Warranty and Coverage

This extended warranty programme duration shall only be valid up to the 8thyear of the Vehicle (date is calculated from the date of registration) or up to the Vehicle mileage of 180,000 kilometers whichever comes sooner.

The coverage of the extended warranty during the extended warranty period for 5th to 8th year of the vehicle registration - 100% coverage for the cost of repairs or replacement for the hybrid battery will be borne by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Sdn Bhd*;

*  the cost of the repairs and the replace hybrid battery shall be calculated according to the market value when the repair/replacement is carried out.


•  The extended warranty programme is only applicable to vehicles within the  4 year warranty at time of signing of the extended warranty agreement and is only applicable to the vehicles which are less than 8 years old (date is calculated from the initial date of registration) or below the vehicle mileage of 180,000 km whichever comes first.

•  Prior to this agreement, the Vehicle must have been fully serviced and maintained by a Mercedes-Benz authorized dealer/service center in accordance with the manufacturer specifications.

•  A Vehicle inspection at time of signing the agreement is required before the extended warranty can be offered.The Hybrid Battery in the selected model vehicle must be in 100% working condition at the date of this agreement.

•  The Vehicle has not been altered modified or tampered with.

*  Applicable for E300 BlueTec Hybrid & S400 Hybrid only.