Employee Fleet Programme

Employee Fleet Programme is designed to offer Mercedes-Benz vehicles as preferred option for Corporate Professional Executives. This scheme is tailored for individuals and corporate executives who are currently receiving a company car benefit or individual car allowance as part of their employment package. They eligible to apply for individual corporate fleet discount for a car purchase under individual registration.

To qualify for participation in the Employee Fleet Programme your company must meet the following requirements :-

The company is currently enrolled in the Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program by endorsing National Framework Memorandum (NFM) issued by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia. You are required to submit a confirmation letter endorsed Human Resources department to confirm your eligibility. Please ontact our Corporate Sales team to confirm your company‚Äôs enrollment status.

If your company is not enrolled into NFM and has employees who receive company car benefit or vehicle allowance as part of their employment package that applies to the individual purchase of a company vehicle. To qualify for this scheme, the applicant must refer us to the authorized personnel in your company to submit the following documents via our Corporate Sales team to be reviewed & approved by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia:-

  • NFM application letter (state the no. of workforce & staff entitled for car allowance in your company.
  • Company supporting documents (not required for public listed companies):- Form 9, Form 24, Form 44, Annual Report, Audited Account, Memorandum & Association (if any)

All applications are subject to final approval by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia. Upon approval, the fleet discount will be made effective on your purchase at the time of transaction.

Note : This scheme is intended for the purchase of new vehicles only; pre-owned vehicles are not eligible. Terms & conditions apply.